Thunder White tan brown granite solarius granite Imperial White kashmir gold granite river white granite uba tuba granite Silver Wave

Thunder White

Tan Brown


Imperial White

Kashmir Gold

River White


Silver Wave

Tropical Brown

Verde Peacock

baltic brown granite absolute black granite Colonial White Delicatus Granite Sapphire Brown Santa Celcila Santa Cecilia Lt New Venetian

Verde Butterfly

Baltic Brown

Absolute Black

Black Galaxy

Colonial White


Sapphire Brown

Santa Cecilia

Santa Cecelia LT

New Venetian

Snow Fall emperador dark marble Black Constantine Avian White Ivory White Giallo Fiorito

New Caledonia

Snow Fall

Emperador Dark

Labrador Antique

Black Constantine

Avian White

Ivory White

Giallo Ornamental

Giallo Fiorito

Emperador Light

Emerald Pearl Bianco Antico Vyara Juperana Black Impala black pearl granite MonteCarlo Bordeaux Granite Ornamental Light Blue Pearl Granite Colonial Cream Granite Machiatto Coffee

Emerald Pearl

Bianco Antico

Vyara Juperana

Black Impala

Black Pearl

MonteCarlo Bordeaux

Ornamental Light

Blue Pearl

Colonial Gold

Macchiato Coffee


The selection of granite and marble colors shown above are samples and do not always portray the exact tone, texture, color, etc.  In order to get a more precise look at what the current lot of stone looks like, it is advised to visit the warehouse and select your choice of stone in person.  Granite, marble and other such natural stones possess fissures, veins, dull spots, gauges and color variations that are a part of their natural beauty.  Exact matching and/or the absense of any of the above are not guaranteed.  We do not always carry all stones at the same time.  If we happen to be out of stock or do not carry a particular type of stone, we are confident we can get it.  


Recommendations for Daily Maintenance:

You may use a mild, non-abrasive soap and some warm water.  Do not use an excessive amount of soap, if too much is used it may cause a a filmy substance to form on the surface.  Daily cleaners and disinfectants are available and can be found online or in most home/hardware stores.  Because natural stone derives from the mountains, it is able to adapt to hot and cold which allows you to place hot pots and pans directly on the surface.  Although natural stone ages beautifully, over a long period of time the polish may dull.  There are many products also available to help restore the polished surface.


Recommendations for sealing your natural stone countertops:

In order to preserve its natural beauty, natural stone countertops should be sealed with a silicone based impregnator sealer annually.  Following are some general guidelines to be followed when sealing your natural stone countertops:

1. Clear any objects sitting on top of your counters. 

2. Surface should be clean and dry. You may use a mild soap with warm water to clean your counters.  NEVER use anything abrasive!

3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.  You can purchase natural stone sealer just about at any home/hardware type of stores.  

4. After sealing, wait 24 hours before returning countertop items back to their rightful place.  


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